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This list includes both WREAC scholarship holders and other students researching Chinese or Japanese studies at the University of Sheffield and the University of Leeds.

There are 18 Listings in this Category.

Bond, Chris

PhD 2008-2011 'The impact of foreign direct investment on inequality in Shandong province'.

Caple, Jane

PhD 2007-2010 'Changing Roles: Tibetan Buddhist Monasticism in Contemporary China'.

Fielder, Caroline

PhD 2008-2011 'A call to alms: nascent civil society and the role of faith based organisations in the fight against urban poverty in China'.

Gaitanidis, Ioannis

PhD 2007-2010 'The socio-medical role of traditional shamans in contemporary Japanese society'.

Gong, Qian Sarah

PhD 2005-9 'Revisited Media Public Sphere in China? Media Discourses on Income Disparity'.

Griffiths, Michael

PhD 2005-2009 'Distinction: Consumption and Identity in the People's Republic of China'.

Husain, Lewis

PhD 2008-2011 'The New Cooperative Medical Scheme and policy innovation in rural China'.

Jerzewska, Anna

PhD 2008-2010 'Japan's Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Policy in East Asia: Stepping Stone to Establishing an East Asian Regional Community?'

Lofblad, Ulrika

PhD 2006-2009 'Constructing place: preserving and reconstructing folk heritage buildings in Yunnan Province, PRC'.

McLeister, Mark

PhD 2008-2011 '"Negotiating" religious policy and practice: A micro-level analysis of Three-Self Patriotic Movement churches in Shandong'.

Nye, Lisa

PhD 2007-2010 '"Mental Deficiency" in Early Twentieth Century Japan'.

Richmond, Aimee

PhD 2009-2012 'Transnational nature and modes of reception of contemporary Japanese horror cinema'.

Saunders, Tom

PhD 2008-2011 'The future reform of the Chinese writing system'.

Shetler-Jones, Philip

PhD 2007-2010 'The effects of contemporary globalisation on Japan's defense and security policy'.

Smith, Michael

PhD 2008-2011 'Family, Rebellion, Desire: The Represention of the Woman in Postwar Japanese Cinema'.

Wielputz, Julien F.

PhD 2008-2011 'The Political Economy of Europe-China Economic Relations: A Critical Assessment of the European Union's Economic Policies Towards the People's Republic of China'.

Woozley, Ian

PhD 2008-2011 'The diffusion of employment practices in Japanese production networks in East Asia'.

Young, Dan

PhD 2008-2011 'An investigation into the process of standardisation which a minority language goes through to become an official written language'.

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