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Gaitanidis, Ioannis

PhD 2007-2010 'The socio-medical role of traditional shamans in contemporary Japanese society'.

Jerzewska, Anna

PhD 2008-2010 'Japan's Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Policy in East Asia: Stepping Stone to Establishing an East Asian Regional Community?'

Nye, Lisa

PhD 2007-2010 '"Mental Deficiency" in Early Twentieth Century Japan'.

Richmond, Aimee

PhD 2009-2012 'Transnational nature and modes of reception of contemporary Japanese horror cinema'.

Shetler-Jones, Philip

PhD 2007-2010 'The effects of contemporary globalisation on Japan's defense and security policy'.

Smith, Michael

PhD 2008-2011 'Family, Rebellion, Desire: The Represention of the Woman in Postwar Japanese Cinema'.

Woozley, Ian

PhD 2008-2011 'The diffusion of employment practices in Japanese production networks in East Asia'.


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