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Caple, Jane

PhD 2007-2010 'Changing Roles: Tibetan Buddhist Monasticism in Contemporary China'.

Fielder, Caroline

PhD 2008-2011 'A call to alms: nascent civil society and the role of faith based organisations in the fight against urban poverty in China'.

Gong, Qian Sarah

PhD 2005-9 'Revisited Media Public Sphere in China? Media Discourses on Income Disparity'.

Griffiths, Michael

PhD 2005-2009 'Distinction: Consumption and Identity in the People's Republic of China'.

Husain, Lewis

PhD 2008-2011 'The New Cooperative Medical Scheme and policy innovation in rural China'.

Lofblad, Ulrika

PhD 2006-2009 'Constructing place: preserving and reconstructing folk heritage buildings in Yunnan Province, PRC'.

McLeister, Mark

PhD 2008-2011 '"Negotiating" religious policy and practice: A micro-level analysis of Three-Self Patriotic Movement churches in Shandong'.

Saunders, Tom

PhD 2008-2011 'The future reform of the Chinese writing system'.

Wielputz, Julien F.

PhD 2008-2011 'The Political Economy of Europe-China Economic Relations: A Critical Assessment of the European Union's Economic Policies Towards the People's Republic of China'.

Young, Dan

PhD 2008-2011 'An investigation into the process of standardisation which a minority language goes through to become an official written language'.


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