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Ampiah, Dr Kweku

Japanese politics and international relations.

Bramall, Prof Christopher

Chinese economy.

Buckley, Prof Peter

Chinese management.

Chen, Dr Lili

Chinese linguistics.

Christiansen, Prof Flemming

Chinese society, development and culture.

Clayton, Dr David

Asian history.

Clegg, Prof L Jeremy

Chinese and international management.

Cross, Adam R.

Chinese management.

Dauncey, Dr Sarah

Chinese literature and culture.

Dryburgh, Dr Marjorie

Chinese history and culture. Sino-Japanese relations.

Hardie, Dr Alison

Chinese art and landscape.

Howe, Prof Christopher

Chinese and Japanese economy.

Hu, Dr Xiaoling

Chinese linguistics and culture.

Li, Dr Ruru

Chinese theatre and culture.

Liu, Dr Jieyu

Chinese society.

O'Connor, Prof Justin

Asian culture.

Pattinson, Dr David

Chinese literature and history.

Rawnsley, Dr Ming-Yeh

Chinese/Taiwanese media and identity.

Rawnsley, Prof Gary

Chinese international communications.

Rose, Dr Caroline

Japanese politics and history. Sino-Japanese relations.

Stock, Prof Jonathan

Chinese and Taiwanese music.

Tang, Dr Ning

Chinese society.

Taylor, Dr Jeremy

Chinese history and culture.

Taylor, Dr Robert

Chinese economy and society. Sino-Japanese relations.

Tylecote, Dr Andrew

Chinese management.

Voss, Dr Hinrich

Chinese economy and management.

Weightman, Dr Frances

Chinese literature and culture.

Wright, Prof Timothy

Chinese economy and history.

Yang, Dr Lan

Chinese linguistics and culture.

Zang, Prof Xiaowei

Chinese sociology.

Zhang, Dr Heather X

Chinese development and social policy.

Zhang, Dr Zhong

Chinese law and management.

Zhao, Dr Lucy

Chinese linguistics and language acquisition.

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