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PhD & MA Degrees

PhD & MA Degrees

The universities of Leeds and Sheffield offer a range of PhD and MA degrees on East Asia in a large range of social science and humanities disciplines by about 40 academics whose benefits are outlined in the WREAC study section.

PhD Degrees on Chinese and Japanese Studies

The academic disciplines for a PhD degree in the School of East Asian Studies at Sheffield University and the Department of East Asian Studies at Leeds University include among others such classical fields as:

Business and Economics

Political Science and International Relations

Sociology and Anthropology

Literature and Culture

Religion and Philosophy


and there is the possibility to obtain a degree in newer disciplines such as media studies and visual culture.

Please see WREAC staff list for potential supervisors or contact us at for details of possible fields of doctoral research training.

WREAC MA Degrees (Sheffield and Leeds)

MA in Advanced Japanese Studies (Sheffield-based with Leeds)

MA in Advanced Chinese Studies (Leeds-based with Sheffield)

MA/MBA/MSc Degrees at Leeds or Sheffield

Chinese Studies

MA in Chinese Studies (Leeds and Sheffield)

MA in Chinese and Business (Leeds)

MA in Chinese (Leeds)

MA in Chinese Business and the Asia Pacific (Leeds)

MBA in Chinese Business Management (Leeds)

MSc in Chinese (Language) Business and International Relations (Sheffield)

Japanese Studies

MA in Japanese Studies (Sheffield and Leeds)

MA in Japanese Business (Leeds)

East Asia Studies

MSc in East Asian Business (Sheffield)

MSc in East Asian Political Economy (Sheffield)

MA in East Asian Regional Development (Leeds)