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Regionalisation and Globalisation

This cluster promotes research into East Asia’s regional institutions and their global roles as well as regional integration, in terms of international trade and foreign direct investment flows, labour markets, and security.

Jeremy Clegg's research covers knowledge transfer to China and foreign direct investment to and from China. Jeremy has recently been invited by the European Parliament and the Lord Major of the City of London to talk about foreign direct investment in and from China and the activities of multinational corporations in China.

Christopher Dent organised the WREAC research workshop 'China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia', University of Leeds, July 2007. The event discussed current developments in Sino-Japanese relations, and the prospects for China and/or Japan assuming positions and roles of leadership in the East Asia region. A book based on the workshop will be published by Edward Elgar in 2008. The workshop is the initial phase of a bigger research project on the event's main theme. Christopher has provided consultancy and advice to the US Congress, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and UK Trade and Investment.

Caroline Rose's research bridges NICS with NIJS as she investigates contemporary Sino-Japanese relations, nationalism in both countries and reconciliation between them.

Robert I.D. Taylor's research focuses on China’s foreign economic relations and the evolution of Chinese business management. He is especially knowledgeable in their implications for China's role in Asian regional and global trade. Robert's research also assesses the contributions made by EU member states and Japan to China's economic growth, the reform of state enterprises and industrial management in China through spillovers and knowledge transfer in the deployment of human resources.

Further members of this cluster include: Kweku Ampiah and Lewis Hussain.