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Business, Political Economy and Development

This cluster focuses on the development of and interactions between East Asia’s political economies.

Peter J. Buckley is an internationally renowned scholar in international business and a Fellow of the Academy of International Business, the British Academy of Management, the European International Business Academy, the Royal Society of Arts and The 48 Group Club and was awarded the Viipuri Prize in Strategic Management and Business Economics in 2006. His research focuses on foreign direct investment, the multinational enterprise, international management in general and with a particular focus on China. Peter is Honorary Professor at the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Beijing. He has appeared on CCTV’s "Dialogue" and "China Reports", Singapore TV, BBC radio and TV.

Adam R. Cross is an expert in investment behaviour and strategies of multinational enterprises in China and Chinese firms abroad. His current research interest focuses on the protection of intellectual property (IP) rights in China. He has advised companies and law firms on how to best protect a firm’s tangible assets in a country with weak institutional enforcement. Adam is organising workshops for British firms who are interested in investing in China (and India) in collaboration with UKTI and PwC and recently discussed his research with the Lord Major of the City of London.

Hinrich Voss is fascinated by outward foreign direct investment by Chinese firms. He investigates the international strategies and motivations of Chinese firms while paying special attention to China’s institutional environment. His research has attracted interest from the European Commission, UKTI and the FCO, among others.

Tim Wright researches historic and contemporary economic and social issues. These span from the articulation of China’s economy with the world economy through the impact of the 1930s world depression to today’s issues in China’s political economy exemplified through the coal mining industry. This industry constitutes an ideal research laboratory as it encapsulates many of the major challenges facing the government. Tim is developing a breakfast seminars series for Yorkshire businesspeople in collaboration with the China Britain Business Council.

Legal and economic perspectives inform the research by Zhong Zhang on corporate governance mechanisms in China. He proposes that effective legal deterrence is foundational to good corporate governance. Zhong has presented his findings at conferences at Columbia Law School and the ‘China Task Force Meeting’ at Manchester University organized by Nobel Laureate Joseph E. Stiglitz, among others.

Further members of this cluster include: David Clayton, Dan Coffey, Justin O’Connor, Andrew TylecoteHiroake Richard Watanabe and Christopher Bond.