Themes of the Postgraduate Summer Schools

China and Globalisation in Historical Perspective: July 2006 - Nanjing, China

  • Introduction to Chinese historical archives and resources for the study of modern and contemporary China;
  • Chinese reaction and interaction with modernity, colonial and post-colonial experiences, world systems, and the ‘new world order’;
  • Urbanisation processes in China since 1920;
  • Visits to No. 2 Historical Archive in Nanjing and urban development zones near Nanjing.

China, Globalisation and Social Stratification: July 2007 - Leeds, UK

  • Social and spatial mobility and citizenship in China since 1978;
  • Theories and measurements of class and social strata;
  • Social diversity, belonging and citizenship;
  • Hands-on workshops: (a) the craft of the semi-structured interview; (b) literature searches in an online environment.

China, Europe and the World: July 2008 - Bristol, UK

  • China’s regional integration and its implications for relations with Europe;
  • Theories and practices of regional integration: Comparing China and Europe;
  • Economic, cultural and social indicators of regional integration applied to China and the Chinese in East Asia;
  • Hands-on workshops: (a) crafting a questionnaire; (b) introduction to using quantitative research software (SPSS).

China Global: National State and Ethnicity: July 2009 - Oslo, Norway

  • Narratives of nation in a multinational state: China, its minority nationalisties and Greater China;
  • Theories of nation and ethnicity, an dChinese discourses of nation, ethnicity, and the foreign;
  • The cosmopolitan, the national and the local: Cultural interpretations of social belonging.

The China Experience: Rural China and Changing Urbanities in China: July 2010 - Nanjing, China

  • The International Implications of the Chinese Experience;
  • Rural China: Issues and Development;
  • Changing Urbanities in China.