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Top Names

The concept behind WREAC’s “Top Names” series is to provide focused databases of leading scientists and scholars within specific areas of East Asia Studies that can be readily accessed by students, researchers and other professionals alike. The specialized focus of the lists brings together carefully selected groups of influential experts, who have contributed representative works of outstanding quality. These are interrelated by subject category. Information is organized to allow those accessing the lists to instantaneously gain an understanding of the main ideas and theories developed by the expert, as well as supplying a number key online links to further information and publications. The Top Names series can be utilized to facilitate literature reviews, support theoretical arguments and provide reference to academic and professional scholarship in the field.

The term ‘Top’ refers to the high-caliber required of entrants to the lists, but is not intended as an exclusionary or comprehensive term – i.e., in comparison to any individual scholars who are not listed. Experts are listed primarily based on their English language publications, in order to encourage maxim use of this resource. WREAC’s location in the UK also means there has been some geographical weighting – in the assumption that a large number of those accessing the site are likely to be based within the UK.

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