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IISH, Marien van der Heijden, PO Box 2169, 1000 CD Amsterdam, The Netherlands presents over 4,000 Chinese propaganda posters from the Landsberger and IISH collections. The site is searchable and organises the posters according to theme. It includes a gallery of highlights, a web exhibition on Books in Chinese Propaganda Posters: "To Read Too Many Books is Harmful", and related images and information, such as artists' biographies, a bibliography and a selection of texts on Chinese art, propaganda and posters.

From the IISH / Stefan R. Landsberger Collection

The website is an initiative of Stefan R. Landsberger (Leiden University, University of Amsterdam) and the International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam. Theme pages include the following and more:

New Year Prints (and chubby babies)
Visualizing the Future
National Minorities
Population Policy
Cultural Revolution Campaigns
Eliminate the Four Pests
Great Leap Forward
Socialist Spiritual Civilization
Early Industrialization
Criticize Lin Biao and Confucius