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Chinese Search Engines 白度

Chinese language search engine is a Chinese search engine that allows users to input Chinese language keywords phonetically using pinyin or by inputting Chinese characters directly.

The site also offers news, music and images along the lines of and has its own Chinese language blogs at Baidu Space 白度空间.

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Google China 谷歌

Google's Chinese language search engine

Chinese language version of an already familiar web search engine. Offers all the usual useful  extras like calendar, maps, and documents, as well as a few extras like Chinese character input via pinyin.

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People's Daily Search Engine

Search page for the People's Daily

Search page for the People's Daily Online, the People's Daily and National People's Congress (NPC) and Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) document databases, legislation, and the works of the late Deng Xiaoping.

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Sogou 搜狗

Chinese language search engine

Established in 2008,, owned by, is a relatively new addition to web search engines in Chinese. It does all the usual tricks with the added feature of faster searches.

Sogou Personalized News was launched from the developers corner at Sogou Labs. It works by looking at past search histories to present a customized news or homepage. This feature may be something for the future.

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