Writing Chinese

Part of the Identities and Cultures in East Asia strand, the Writing Chinese project is an exciting new international research network that has developed from WREAC's core strengths in the arts and humanities.

The project, led by Dr Frances Weightman with support from project research assistant Dr Sarah Dodd, focuses on Chinese authors, authorship and authority through a new network of researchers working on concepts of authorship in China across different historical timeframes. The project questions the Eurocentric narrative on authorship and will provide a dynamic online resource for researchers, students and practising authors.

Already the project has established a website where practicing authors from China can interact with UK-based and international readers and academics. Through this platform, a monthly virtual bookclub and a regular blog have been initiated. Members are invited to discuss specific authors' works online and in informal meetings. The website features articles on contemporary Chinese fiction and interviews with writers, translators, and others working in the field.

Outreach and public engagement will be achieved through a series of readings and talks by Chinese authors, their literary agents and translators about their work, to which students, academics and the general public are invited. The project will also host literary translation workshops and seminars on Chinese literature, culminating in a symposium in Leeds in summer 2015.

Activities within the Writing Chinese project include:

  • Project internship, research assistant Dr Sarah Dodd, May-November 2014;
  • Summer internship by Dr Sarah Dodd at Peony Literary Agency, Hong Kong, July-August 2014;
  • Guest lecture series - Talk and reading by Chen Xiwo, 9 October 2014;
  • Writing Chinese website launch, 9 October 2014;
  • Guest lecture series - Talk and reading by Yan Ge, 1 November 2014;
  • Literary translation masterclass with Yan Ge and Nicky Harman, 1 November 2014;
  • Guest lecture series, 2015;
  • Workshop, summer 2015.

The project's external website is http://writingchinese.leeds.ac.uk/.