Ruptured Pasts, Uncertain Futures

Part of the Identities and Cultures in East Asia strand, the Ruptured Pasts, Uncertain Futures project is another new international research network that has developed from WREAC's core strengths in the arts and humanities.

The project, led by Dr Marjorie Dryburgh looks at memory, nostalgia and historical time in East Asia. The project explores how communities in contemporary China and Japan use the arts and humanities to confront the challenges that come from rapid social change and troubling pasts.

The project also aims to expand the network across the five LBAS centres to broaden its scope to other geographical and historical contexts.

Activities within the Ruptured Pasts project include:

  • Cross-LBAS Heritage and cultural memory workshop in January 2016.
  • Project internships;
  • Outreach and public engagement workshops in Sheffield.