Informal Political Actors

Part of the Cross-cultural encounters and globalisation strand, the Informal Political Actors in East Asia, Russia and the Arab World project is a new international research network that explores the role of informal political actors in international relations.

The main activity within this project, led by Professor Hugo Dobson, will be a conference in collaboration with the other LBAS centres to investigate how former leaders, political spouses, celebrity diplomats, intellectuals and academics across both domestic and international politics and other informal political actors exercise influence in three regions of the world: East Asia, Russia and the Arab World.

Academic impact will be delivered through an edited volume published by a university press and/or special edition in leading journal. Public engagement and outreach will be achieved through a radio documentary on Radio 4.

Project activities will be:

  • Cross-LBAS Conference, University of Sheffield, 16 January 2015;
  • Two project interns;
  • Follow-up workshops to discuss publication plans, University of Sheffield, January 2016.