Professor Tim Wright [韦立德]

Honorary Fellow
Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese political economy
  • Chinese development
  • China's coal-mining industry

1977 PhD (Chinese Studies), Cambridge; 1969/1971 (Chinese Studies), Cambridge.

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Selected publications

  • Coal Mining in China's Economy and Society, 1895-1937 (Cambridge University Press, 1984), translated by Professor Ding Changqing of the Nankai Institute of Economics as 1895-1937 Zhongguo jingji he shehui zhong de meikuang ye (Beijing: Dongfang chuban she, 1991)
  • 'Coping with the World Depression: The Nationalist Government's Relations with Chinese Industry and Commerce, 1932-1936', Modern Asian Studies, 25.4 (October 1991): 649-674.
  • 'Overcoming Risk: A Chinese Mining Company During the Nanjing Decade', East Asian History 17/18 (June/December 1999): 131-168.
  • 'Distant Thunder: The Regional Economies of Southwest China and the Impact of the Great Depression', Modern Asian Studies 34.3 (July 2000): 697-738.
  • 'Competition and Complementarity: Township and Village Mines and the State Sector in China 's Coal Industry', China Information 14.1 (Winter 2000): 113-130.
  • 'The Political Economy of Prices in China's Planned and Market Economies: Competition and Control in the Coal Industry', Asian Studies Review 24.3 (September 2000): 349-376.
  • 'The Political Economy of Coal Mine Disasters in China : Your Rice Bowl or Your Life', China Quarterly, 179 (September 2004) 27-44.
  • 'China and the 1930s World Depression', pp. 370-392 in Zhang Donggang et al eds, Shijie jingji tizhi xia de minguo shiqi jingji (The Chinese Economy Within the Global Economic Framework), Beijing : Zhongguo caizheng jingji chubanshe, 2005.
  • 'The Performance of China's Industrial Enterprises: A Coal Industry Perspective', China Information, forthcoming 2006
  • 'State Capacity in Contemporary China: 'Closing the Pits and Reducing Coal Production'', Journal of Contemporary China, forthcoming.