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The centre provides a vibrant home for research students working on East Asia, both those funded through ESRC scholarships associated with WREAC's grant funding and those who are funded by other means. Students work on a wide range of topics across WREAC's four research clusters.

The table below provides further details of WREAC's students.

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NameThesisEmailWhere are they now?
NameThesisEmailWhere are they now?
Bannister, Tom P. 2009-2012 PhD ("Aftershocks of Consciousness? Chinese NGOs and the Wenchuan Earthquake"), Sheffield. China Development Brief (English), Assistant Director 
Bond, Christopher 2008-2011 PhD ('The impact of foreign direct investment on inequality in Shandong province'), Sheffield. Research Analyst - China, Asia Pacific Research Group, Foreign and Commonwealth Office 
Caple, Jane 2007-2010 PhD ('Changing Roles: Tibetan Buddhist Monasticism in Contemporary China'), Leeds. The University of Manchester, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow 
Fielder, Caroline 2008-2011 PhD ('A call to alms: nascent civil society and the role of faith based organisations in the fight against urban poverty in China'), Leeds. University of Leeds, Lecturer in Chinese Studies 
Griffith, Edward 2009-2013 PhD ("Yasukuni Shrine in the discourse of Chinese Nationalism during the Koizumi-era. Uncovering the roots of the Shrine's symbolic power"), Leeds. Course Leader, Asia Pacific Studies, University of Central Lancashire 
Husain, Lewis 2008-2011 PhD ('The New Cooperative Medical Scheme and policy innovation in rural China.'), Leeds. Department for International Development (DfID)  
Jerzewska, Anna 2008-2010 PhD ('Japan's Bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Policy in East Asia: Stepping Stone to Establishing an East Asian Regional Community?'), Leeds. Customs and Excise Team, PwC UK, Senior Associate 
Ladosz, Sylvie 2009-10 (MA Japanese Studies), Leeds; 2010-11 (MA Politics), Sheffield; 2011-14 PhD ('How has Chinese media language affected Sino-Japanese relations since 1972?'), Sheffield. The University of Sheffield, PhD candidate 
Lofblad, Ulrika 2006-2009 PhD ('Constructing place: preserving and reconstructing folk heritage buildings in Yunnan Province, PRC'), Leeds.  
Loubere, Nicholas 2011-2015 PhD ("Rural Finance and Livelihoods in China: Ethnographies of Development"), Leeds University of Leeds, PhD candidate 
McLeister, Mark 2008-2011 PhD ('"Negotiating" religious policy and practice: A micro-level analysis of Three-Self Patriotic Movement churches in Shandong'), Sheffield. The University of Edinburgh, Teaching Fellow in Chinese Studies 
Preston, Emily 2010-11 MA Advanced Chinese Studies; 2011-12 MA by Research, Leeds. Chinese language consultant 
Richmond, Aimee 2008-2009 MA (Japanese studies), Leeds; 2009-2012 PhD ('Transnational nature and modes of reception of contemporary Japanese horror cinema'), Sheffield.  
Smith, Michael 2008-2011 PhD ('Family, Rebellion, Desire: The Represention of the Woman in Postwar Japanese Cinema'), Leeds. Lecturer, Staffordshire University 
Tamura, Hannah 2010-13 PhD ("Post-Modern Expressions of Marginalised Identity: A Comparative Analysis of the works of Kania Mieko and Nakagami Kenji"), Sheffield. University of Leeds, PhD candidate 
Walker, Amy 2009-12 PhD ("Exploring the Sacred: Religiosity in Contemporary Japan"), Sheffield.  
Wielputz, Julien F. PhD 2008-2011 'The Political Economy of Europe-China Economic Relations: A Critical Assessment of the European Union's Economic Policies Towards the People's Republic of China', Leeds.  
Woozley, Ian 2008-11 PhD ('The diffusion of employment practices in Japanese production networks in East Asia'), Leeds. PhD Candidate, Centre for International Business, University of Leeds (CIBUL) 
Young, Daniel 2008-11 PhD ('An investigation into the process of standardisation which a minority language goes through to become an official written language'), Leeds.  
Showing 19 items