Professor Michael J. G. Parnwell

Associate Researcher
+44 (0)113 343 6334
Areas of Expertise
  • Development processes in South-East Asia
  • Rural-urban circulation
  • Rural industrialisation
  • Spatial planning
  • Tourism
  • Extended metropolitanisation and urbanisation
  • Development, deforestation and environmental degradation
  • Sustainable livelihoods and food security
  • Development monks in Thailand

BA, PhD Hull.

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Books and Monographs

  • (co-editor with Michael Hitchcock and Victor T. King) `Tourism in Southeast Asia: Challenges and New Directions', Hawai'i: University of Hawai'i Press and Copenhagen: NIAS Press (2009)
  • (co-editor with Raymond Bryant) 'Environmental Change in South-East Asia: People, Politics and Sustainable Development', London: Routledge (Global Environmental Change Series) (1996).
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  • 'Population Movements and the Third World', London: Routledge, (1993). Published in Japanese in 1996 as: Daisan Sekai To Jinko Ido, Tokyo: Kokonshoin (ISBN 4-7722-1847-5).
  • (co-editor with Michael Hitchcock and Victor T. King) 'Tourism in South-East Asia', London: Routledge (1992).
  • (co-editor with Victor T. King) 'Margins and Minorities: The Peripheral Areas and Peoples of Malaysia' Hull: Hull Press (1990).

Journal Articles and Papers

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