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Griffiths, Michael B.

Dr Michael B. Griffiths

Associate Researcher

Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese society and culture
  • Consumption and identity
  • Ethnography
  • Critical discourse analysis
  • Symbolic boundary management

2010 PhD (Contemporary China Studies), Leeds; 2005 MA (Chinese), Leeds; 2000 BA (Philosophy and English Literature), Keele.

Selected Publications


Griffiths, Michael. B. (2012) Consumers and Individuals in China: Standing Out, Fitting In. Routledge: London.

Journal Articles

Griffiths, Michael. B., Flemming Christiansen, and Malcolm Chapman. (2010) 'Chinese Consumers: The Romantic Reappraisal'. Ethnography, Sept 2010, 11, 331-357.

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2010) 'Lamb Buddha’s Migrant Workers: Self-assertion on China’s Urban Fringe'. Journal of Current Chinese Affairs (China Aktuell), 39, 2, 3-37.

Sinha, Kunal. and Michael Griffiths (2011). 'Get Going With Green: Closing the Sustainability Gap', in Viewpoint, 28, 40-42. June 2011

辛默.与迈博博士. (2011) ‘语录同行:跨越可持续性的鸿沟’, 观点, 28, 37-39, 六月份2011.

Book Chapters

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2012) 'Proximity Altruism: Moral Selves in China's Consumer Society', forthcoming in the Sourcebook for Business Anthropology, Sunderland, P. and Denny, R. (eds), Left Coast Press (2013).

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2009) 'Eating Bitterness: Re-enacting the Primitive Rural'. in Hernández, L. and Krajewski, S (eds). Crossing Cultural Boundaries: Taboo, Bodies and Identities. 159-173. Cambridge Scholars Press.

Zeuthen, Jesper. W. and Griffiths, Michael. B., (2011) 'The end of urban–rural differentiation in China? Hukou and resettlement in Chengdu’s urban–rural integration.' in Alpermann, Björn (ed), Politics and Markets in Rural China, 218-232. Routledge Press.

Magazine Articles

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2011) 'Sustainability: Finding the Missing Piece', China Brief Magazine, June 2011, 10-13.

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2011) 'The Green Gap of Opportunity', Insight: The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, July 2011, 11-15.

Griffiths, Michael. B. (2011) 'Closing the Sustainability Gap', Public Affairs Asia, July 2011, 10.

White / Red Papers

Sinha, Kunal. and Michael Griffiths (2011). 'Get Going With Green: Closing the Sustainability Gap', An OgilvyEarth Special Report.

辛默.与迈博博士. (2011) '语录同行:跨越可持续性的鸿沟', 奥美地球,特报

Sinha, Kunal. and Michael Griffiths (2011). 'The Economist: Understanding Intellectual Curiosity. An OgilvyDiscovery Special Report.

Under Review

Griffiths, Michael. B. and Zeuthen, Jesper. W. (c2011) 'Bittersweet: Bitter Civilization', Under Review.