Dr Liu Jieyu

Core Researcher
+44 (0)113 343 3462
Areas of Expertise
  • Gender, sexuality and development
  • Work and organizational changes
  • Unemployment and welfare reforms
  • Ageing and social policy
  • Intergenerational relations and rural-urban migration
  • Qualitative research methodology, life history and comparative research

PhD York.

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Books and Monographs

  • Gender and Work in Urban China : Women Workers of the Unlucky Generation. London: Routledge, 2007
  • East Asian Sexualities: Modernity, Gender and New Sexual Cultures. (co-edited with Stevi Jackson), London: Zed Books 2008.
  • Women's Studies in the West, (co-edited with Ying Zhu) Beijing: China People's University, forthcoming, 2010.

Journal Articles

  • 'Gender Dynamics and Redundancy in Urban China', Feminist Economics , 13(3 – 4), July/October 2007, 91 – 124.
  • 'Researching Chinese Women's Lives: "Insider" Research and Life History Interviewing', Oral History, Spring 2006, 34 (1): 42-52.
  • 'Hold Up the Sky? Reflections on Marriage in Contemporary China'. Feminism and Psychology, 2004: 14(1): 195 – 202.

Book Chapters

  • 'Life Goes On: Unemployed Women Workers in Nanjing', in Jane Duckett and Beatriz Carrillo Garcia (eds) China Changing Welfare Mix, forthcoming, Routledge. 
  • 'Women and Work', in Women's Studies in the West, People's University Press, Beijing, forthcoming. 
  • 'The Stratification of Youth Employment in Contemporary China', pp.182-187, in Andy Furlong (ed) Handbook of Youth and Young Adulthood: New Perspectives and Agendas, Routledge, 2009. 
  • 'Sexualized Labour? 'White-Collar Beauties' in Provincial China', pp. 85-103, in Jackson, S. and Liu, J. (eds) East Asian Sexualities, London: Zed Books. 2008. 
  • 'Reflections on Gender, Modernity and East Asian Sexualities', (with Jackson, S. and Woo Juhyun), pp. 1-31, in Jackson, S and Liu, J. (eds) East Asian Sexualities, London: Zed Books, 2008.