Dr Li Ruru

Core Researcher
+44 (0)113 343 3469
Areas of Expertise
  • Tradition and Innovation – Performer and Performance of Beijing Opera
  • Comparative theatre: traditional and modern theatres in China & Western theatre
  • Intercultural performance art: practice and analysis

BA, MA Shanghai Theatre Academy; PhD Leeds.

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Books and Monographs

  • Li Yuru on the Art of Jingju (李玉茹谈戏说艺), author: Li Yuru,edited by Li Ruru), Shanghai: Literature and Arts Publishing House, 2008.
  • Shashibiya: Staging Shakespeare in China, Hong Kong University Press, 2003.

Parts of Books

  • 'Chinese Prince: Three Chinese Operatic Adapations' in Shakespeare's World/ World Shakespeare, edited by Richard Fotheringham, Christa Jansohn and R. S. White, Newark: Delaware Press, 2008, pp.303-29.
  • Area Editor for 'China: Modern', Encyclopaedia of Asian Theatre, two volumes, General Editor: Samuel L. Leiter, Westport, Connecticut and London: Greenwood Press, 2007. The Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre, has been named an "Outstanding Academic Title" of 2007.
  • 'Negotiating Intercultural Spaces: Much Ado About Nothing & Romeo and Juliet on the Chinese Stage' in World-Wide Shakespeares: Local Appropriations in Film and Performance , edited by Sonia Massai, London and New York:Routledge, 2005, pp. 40-6.

Journal Articles

  • "Who is it that can tell me who I am? / Lear's shadow." - A Taiwanese Actor's Personal Response to King Lear' , Shakespeare Quarterly , Vol. 57, No. 2, summer 2006, 195-215.
  • 'Chinese-Speaking Theatre in Perspective', in Asian Theatre Journal , Vol. 22, Fall 2005, 310-23.
  • 'A Drum! A Drum! Macbeth doth come! – When Birnam wood moved to China ', Shakespeare Survey , No. 57, October 2004, pp. 169-85.
  • 'Mao's Chair: Revolutionizing Chinese Theatre', Theatre Research International , Vol. 27, No. 1, March 2002, pp. 1-17.