Dr Judith Cherry

Associate Researcher
+44 (0)114 222 8415
Areas of Expertise
  • The EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement
  • EU investment in South Korea
  • The Expatriate Experience in South Korea

1999 PhD (Korean Studies), Sheffield; 1980 MA (Librarianship), Sheffield; 1977 BA (Oriental studies - Chinese), Durham.

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Major publications

  • ‘Making Friends with the Hydra: European Expectations of the EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement’, (2011) European Journal of East Asian Studies (Forthcoming in July 2011).
  • ‘Upgrading the ‘Software’: The EU-Korea Free Trade Agreement and Socio-cultural Barriers to Trade and Investment’, (2011) Pacific Review (Forthcoming in autumn 2011).
  • ‘International adjustment, met expectations and cultural novelty: The family dimension of promoting inward FDI in South Korea’. (2010), Asian Business and Management, Vol. 9, No. 1, 127-147.
  • ‘Dismal leadership or macroeconomic fatigue? An analysis of the Kim Young-sam administration’s role in the 1997 economic crisis’, in South Korea: Challenging Globalisation and the Post-crisis Reforms (2008), edited by Kim Young-Chan et al. Oxford: Chandos Publishing.

  • Foreign direct investment in post-crisis Korea: European investors and ‘mismatched globalization (2007). Surrey: RoutledgeCurzon.
  • ‘Changing perceptions of inward foreign direct investment in post-crisis Korea’, in Korea 2007 - Politics, Economy, Society (2007), edited by Patrick Koellner et al. London: Brill.
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  • 'Korean Direct Investment in the European Union: Global Koreanisation', (2004) in Korean Globalization and Foreign Direct investment, edited by John Turner and Kim Young-chan. London: Ashgate Press.
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