Professor Jonathan Stock

Core Researcher
+44 (0)114 222 0483
Areas of Expertise
  • Traditional, art and popular music in China and Taiwan, and among overseas Chinese
  • Intercultural music
  • English musical traditions
  • History, theory and methods of ethnomusicology
  • Analysing world music
  • Music education

1991 PhD (Ethnomusicology), Queen's University of Belfast; 1988 MA (Musical Performance), York; GBSM, ABSM, Birmingham School of Music.

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Selected publications

  • 2004 'Documenting the Music Event: Observation, Participation, Representation,' in Eric Clarke and Nicholas Cook, eds., Empirical Musicology: Aims, Methods, Prospects, 15-34. Oxford : Oxford University Press.
  • 2004 'Interface at the Peripheries: Western Impact on Other Musics,' in Anthony Pople and Nicholas Cook, eds., Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 18-39.
  • 2003 Huju: Traditional Opera in Modern Shanghai. British Academy Postdoctoral Monograph Series. Oxford : Oxford University Press. vii + 280 pp.
  • 2003 'Chongxin pingjia jingju shengqiang, xuanlü jiegou yu yuyanshengdiao de guanxi,' trans. Zhou Qian'er). Zhongguo yinyue no. 3: 42-47.
  • 2003 'Music Education: Perspectives from Ethnomusicology,' British Journal of Music Education 20/2: 135-45.
  • 2002 'Learning Huju in Shanghai 1900-1950: Apprenticeship and the Acquisition of Expertise in a Chinese Local Operatic Tradition,' Asian Music 33/2: 1-42.
  • 2002 'Place and Music: Institutions and Cosmopolitanism in Shenqu , Shanghai Traditional Opera, 1912-49,' Music and Letters 83: 542-89. Awarded Westrup Prize.
  • 2001 Annotated translation of Xia Fulin, 'Fifty Years Learning Tanhuang,' Music in China 3/2: 229-57.
  • 2001 ''Ershi shiji de Zhongguo yinyue chuangzuo: Abing de yinyue yu yiyi' Daoyan,' trans. Shen Qin. Yinyue yishu no. 1: 87-92 & no. 2: 89-92, 96. [In Chinese]
  • 2000 Thirty entries on Chinese music in New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 2nd ed. London : Macmillan.