Dr Jonathan Rayner

Associate Researcher
+44 (0)114 222 8457
Areas of Expertise
  • Australian Cinema
  • New Zealand Cinema
  • Japanese Cinema
  • Film and Naval History

BA (English Literature), MA (Theatre and Film), PhD (The Films of Peter Weir) Sheffield.

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Research interests 

The majority of my research and publication, growing out of my PhD, has been focused on Australian cinema and New Zealand cinema. This work has encompassed analysis of the output of Australian filmmakers and consideration of Australian film genres, such as the Gothic, which has formed a major part of my research. I am particularly interested in the standing and output of auteur figures within national cinema contexts, especially Australia, New Zealand and Japan. My areas of interest have been expanded in recent years to include consideration of naval history on film, linked to studies of the war film genre and documentary film. In 2005, I held a Caird Senior Research fellowship at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, during which I worked on their maritime and naval film archive. 

Current research projects 

(Listed in order of priority) 

  • Monograph on the films of Michael Mann under contract with Wallflower Press, for publication in 2011 as part of 'Director's Cuts' series. 
  • On-going research in naval history and naval representation on film, linked to collaboration between University of Sheffield and National Maritime Museum.

Selected publications 

Authored books 

  • Cinema and Landscape, coedited with Graeme Harper (Intellect, 2010)
  • The Naval War Film: Genre, History, National Cinema (Manchester UP, 2007) 
  • The Films of Peter Weir (Cassell/Continuum, 1998/2003) 
  • Contemporary Australian Cinema (Manchester UP, 2000) 
  • The New Zealand and American Films of Geoff Murphy (Kakapo, 1999) 

Selected articles 

  • '"Entrusted with the Ruling of the Waves": Images of the Post-war Royal Navy in the NMM Film Archive', Journal for Maritime Research 2008 (NMM online journal) 
  • 'Live and Dangerous? The Screen Life of Steve Irwin', Studies in Australasian Cinema vol.1 n.1 (2007) ISSN 17503175 (pp.107-117) 
  • 'Conflict and Conspiracy: Public and Personal Memory in Australian Film,' Post Script (Australia/New Zealand Issue) vol.24 nos.2-3 Winter/Spring and Summer 2005 ISSN 02279897 (pp.84-95) 
  • 'New Gothic and New Australians: Multiculturalism and Rehabilitation in John Ruane's Death Diptych', Australian Studies vol.18 n.2, Winter 2003 ISSN 09540954 (pp.95-112)