Juniorprofessur Jo Elfving-Hwang

Associate Researcher
Areas of Expertise
  • Representations of femininity and masculinity in contemporary South Korean literature and popular culture
  • Trauma literature and national identity in literature
  • Aesthetic surgery practices and cosmetic cultures in South Korea

2006 PhD (Korean Literature and Feminist Theory), Sheffield; 2000 BA (Korean studies), Sheffield.

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Selected publications

  • 'Representations of femininity in Contemporary South Korean Women's Literatire. keny: Global Oriental, 2010, (monograph, ISBN 978-1-906876-02-9)
  • 'Representation of the 'Other' in North and South Korean Cold War Literature' in 'Global Cold War Literatures: Western, Easterm and Postcolonial Perspectives, ed. Andrew Hammond (London and New York, Routledge, forthcoming.
  • 'Gender, Globalization and Aesthetic Surgery in South Korea' (with Ruth Holliday), submitted to Body and Society.
  • 'Developing communities of practice: the role of a centre of excellence in fostering staff and student communities' with Ivan Moore and Kenisha Garnett, EvidenceNet [online].
  • “Stories from the Story Tellers: Perceptions of Learner Autonomy and Changing Conceptions of Academic Staff” (with Kenisha Garnett and Ivan Moore), For the 21st Century Learner: Proceedings of the Improving Student Learning Conference 2009 (Oxford: Oxford Brookes University, forthcoming). 
  • ”There Petal Silently Falls” by Ch’oe Yun (book review), Acta Koreana,Vol. 11 No. 3 (2008), pp. 261-265.
  • 'The Improper Desire for Knowledge: De-gendering Curiosity in Contemporary Korean Women’s Literature', in Korea: The Past and the Present, eds. James Hoare and Susan Pares (Dorset: Global Oriental, 2008), pp. 446-454 (ISBN 1-901903-54-0)