Dr Heather Xiaoquan Zhang [张小泉]

Director of Postgraduate Studies
Director of Research (Social Change and Transition in East Asia cluster)
+44 (0)113 343 3497
Areas of Expertise
  • Socio-economic and human development in China and Southeast Asia (Vietnam)
  • Global-local linkages and the impact of globalisation on local development
  • Gender, intra-household, intergenerational relations
  • The socio-economic consequences of HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health and wellbeing
  • Livelihood analysis, rural-urban migration
  • Social policy research, especially on poverty, inequality, social exclusion, health
  • Qualitative research methodology

MA Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; MSc Edinburgh; PhD Strathclyde.

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Books and Book Contributions

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Journal Articles and Papers

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Working papers, research reports and other publications in the public domain

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