Dr Frances Weightman

Core Researcher
+44 (0)113 343 3560
Areas of Expertise
  • Chinese fiction and authorial identity, past and present
  • Authorial prefaces and paratexts
  • Political dissent and Chinese democracy movements
  • Seventeenth century classical Chinese tales of the supernatural
  • Ideological trends of the late Ming

MA, PhD Edinburgh.

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Books and Monographs

  • The Quest for the Childlike in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Fiction: Fantasy, Naivety, and Folly(New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2008)
  • The Chinese at Play: Festivals, Games and Leisure, (Editor, with Anders Hansson and Bonnie S. McDougall) (London: Kegan Paul, 2002)

Journal Articles and Papers

  • "Ideals of Childlikeness in Late Imperial China", in Ming Qing Yanjiu, (Naples, 2006) pp. 178-218
  • 'Milestones on the Road to Maturity: growing up with the civil service examinations', in Sungkyun Journal of East Asian Studies Vol 4. no.2, (Seoul, Aug 2004) pp.113-135.
  • 'Challenges of the post-Deng era: social fall-out from China's reforms' in The Journal of the Modern Studies Association, 2002, pp.23-27 (invited article).

Book Chapters

  • "Wuxin chaliu de chuangzaoxing: zhongguo xiaoshuo zixuzhong de chuangzuolun 无心插柳的创造性:中国小说自序的创作论" [Inadvertent creativity: authorial responsibility in the Chinese preface]" in Zhang Hongsheng and Qian Nanxiu (eds), Zhongguo wenxue: chuantong yu xiandai de duihua 中国文学:传统与现代的对话 [Chinese Literature:a dialogue between tradition and modernity], (Shanghai: Shanghai guji cbs, 2007), pp. 79-91 (in Chinese).
  • "Folly (chi) in the Liaozhai zhiyi' in Love, Hatred and Other Passions: Questions and Themes on Emotion in Chinese Civilization, Paolo Santangelo and Donatella Guida (eds.), p. 192-211 (Leiden: Brill, 2006).
  • 'Constructing an authorial persona: some features of early twentieth century Chinese authorial prefaces,' in From National Tradition to Globalization, from Realism to Postmodernism: trends in modern Chinese literature, Oglobin, Rodionov, Serebryakov, Speshnev and Storozhuk (eds.) (St Petersburg, 2004), pp. 266-280.


  • 'The Qianlong Emperor and his reign' (Zhu Cengru) and 'Paintings and Calligraphy by the Qianlong Emperor' (Yang Danxia) both in Zhang Hongxing, The Qianlong Emperor: Treasures from the Forbidden City (Edinburgh: National Museums of Scotland Publishing Ltd, 2002), pp. 141-149 and pp. 175-180 resp.
  • 'Contextualisation in the Contemporary Chinese Church', (Duan Qi) in Christianity and Modernisation: A Chinese Debate, (eds. Wickeri and Cole; DAGA press, Hong Kong, 1995) pp.33-58.
  • 'Wei Jingsheng's Trial Defence', in Wei Jingsheng and the Prospects for Democracy in China, (eds. Hart and Loden; CPAS Stockholm University, Stockholm, 1995) pp.49-58.