Dr David Clayton

Associate Researcher
+44 (01904) 32 2988

BA, PhD, Manchester.

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Authored books

Imperialism Revisited: political and ecnonomic relations between Britain and China, 1950-54 (Houndill, Basingstoke and New York: Macmillan, 1997).

Articles (selected)

  • 'Inter-Asian competition for the British market in cotton textiles: the political economy of Anglo-Asian cartels, c.1932-1960', in A. J. H. Latham and Heita Kawakatsu, eds., Inter-Asian Competition for the World Market since the Sixteenth Century (London: Routledge, 2005).
  • 'The consumption of radio broadcast technologies in Hong Kong, c. 1930-1960', Economic History Review (November 2004).
  • 'Free trade, protection and the British Empire in the 1950s: some evidence from a hong Kong case study', The University of York, Discussion Papers in Economics, No. 99/10.
  • 'British Foreign Economic Policy Towards China, 1949-60', Electronic Journal of International History (December 2000).
  • 'A Hong Kong knitting factory in 1933: its reconstruction from bankruptcy court records', The Journal of Industrial History, Volume 3 (2000), Number 2, pp. 51-70.
  • 'Industrialisation and institutional change in Hong Kong, 1842-1960', in A.J.H. Latham an Heita Kawakatsu, eds., Asia Pacific Dynamism 1550-2000 (London: Routledge, 2000).