Professor Christopher M. Dent

Professor of East Asia's International Political Economy
+44 (0)113 343 6470
Areas of Expertise
  • East Asia's international political economy
  • Regionalism and regionalisation
  • Free trade agreements in the Asia-Pacific
  • Energy security in East Asia
  • Korea, Singapore and Taiwan's foreign economic policies
  • East Asia and global society
  • Economic security theory
  • East Asia's economic relations with the European Union

BA Oxford Brookes; MA Leeds; PGCE York; PhD Hull.

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Books and Monographs

  • East Asian Regionalism, Routledge, London (2008) - awarded the Masayoshi Ohira Foundation Special Prize, 2009
  • New Free Trade Agreements in the Asia-Pacific, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke (2006)
  • The Foreign Economic Policies of Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham (2002)
  • The European Union and East Asia: An Economic Relationship, Routledge, London (1999)
  • The European Economy: The Global Context, Routledge, London (1997)

Edited Books

  • China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia, (editor), Edward Elgar, Cheltenham (July 2008)
  • Asia-Pacific Economic and Security Co-operation, (editor), Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke (2003)
  • Northeast Asian Regionalism: Learning from the European Experience, (co-editor), Routledge-Curzon, London (2002)
  • Core Economics (1995) Heinemann, London. (co-edited with Frank Livesey, Linda Thomas and Keith Wood)

Journal Articles (recent and forthcoming)

  • 'Japan, China and East Asian Regionalism: Implications for the European Union' (2009), Asia-Europe Journal, Vol 7(1), pp 161-79.
  • 'The Asian Development Bank and Developmental Regionalism in East Asia', (2008), Third World Quarterly, Vol 29(4), pp 767-86.
  • 'Full Circle? Ideas and Ordeals of Creating a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific(FTAAP)' (2007), Pacific Review, Vol 20(4), pp 447-74.
  • 'The International Political Economy of ASEAN Economic Integration and Bilateral FTAs', (2007), Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, Vol 26(1), pp 51-75.
  • 'The New Economic Bilateralism in Southeast Asia: Region-Convergent or Region-Divergent?', (2006), International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, Vol 6(1), pp 81-111.
  • 'Bilateral Free Trade Agreements: Boon or Bane for Regional Co-operation in East Asia', (2005), European Journal of East Asian Studies, Vol 4(2), pp 287-314.
  • 'Taiwan and the New Regional Political Economy of East Asia', (2005), China Quarterly, Vol 182, pp 385-406.
  • 'The Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) and Inter-Regionalism: Towards a Theory of Multilateral Utility', (2004), Asian Survey, Vol 44(2), pp 213-236.

Book Chapters (recent)

  • 'What Region to Lead? Developments in East Asian Regionalism and Questions of Regional Leadership', (2008) in C.M. Dent (ed.) China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • 'A Shrimp Among the Whales? Korea in the Northeast and East Asia Regional System' (with Christoph Bluth, 2008) in C.M. Dent (ed.) China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • 'Regional Leadership in East Asia: Towards New Analytical Approaches', (2008) in C.M. Dent (ed.) China, Japan and Regional Leadership in East Asia, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • 'The Rise of the New Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Era? Implications for Regional and Global Economic Systems', (2008) in A. Bösl, W. Breytenbach, T. Hartzenberg, C. McCarthy and K. Schade (eds) Monitoring Regional Integration in Southern Africa Yearbook (2008), Trade Law Centre for Southern Africa, Stellenbosch
  • 'The Economic Geography of Regionalisation in East Asia and Europe ', (2008) in P. Murray (ed) Europe and Asia: Regions in Flux, Palgrave, Basingstoke.
  • 'Economic Security', (2006) in A. Collins (ed) Contemporary Security Studies , Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  • 'The State and Transnational Capital in Adaptive Partnership: Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan', (forthcoming 2006) in H. Yeung (ed.) 'Handbook of Research on Asian Business', Edward Elgar, Cheltenham.
  • 'Europe , East Asia and ASEM: Beyond the Triadic Political Economy?', (2005) in H. Hanggi, R. Roloff and J. Rueland (eds) 'Inter-Regionalism and International Politics: Stepping Stone to Global Governance?', Routledge-Curzon, London.