Professor Andrew Tylecote

Associate Researcher
+44 (0)114 222 3415

BA (Philosophy, politics and economics) Oxford; MA (Industrial economics) Sussex; BPhil (Economics) Oxford; PhD (Economics) Sheffield. 

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Selected Recent Publications

  • A.Tylecote, J.Cai, J. Liu, 'Why is Mainland China Rising in Some Sectors and Failing in Others? A Critical View of the Chinese System of Innovation', International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital, 7 (2) 123-144, Jan.2010.
  • Jiajia Liu and A.Tylecote, "Corporate governance and technological capability development: Three case studies in the Chinese Auto industry." Industry and Innovation, 16 (4), Sept.2009, 525–544.
  • Jing Cai and Andrew Tylecote, "Corporate governance and technological dynamism of Chinese firms in mobile telecommunications: a quantitative study", Research Policy. 37 (10) Dec.2008, 1790-1811.
  • Isabel Cantista and Andrew Tylecote, "Industrial innovation, corporate governance and supplier-customer relationships", Journal of Manufacturing Technology Management, 2008, 19 (5) 576-590.
  • A.Tylecote, 'Corporate governance and technological development in Chinese firms', Ch.12, X.Liu, W.Zhang (eds.), China's Three Decades of Economic Reforms, London/New York: Routledge, 2009.
  • Andrew Tylecote and Francesca Visintin, Corporate governance, finance and the technological advantage of nations, London and New York: Routledge. Jan.2008. (Winner of Myrdal Prize, 2010.)
  • A.Tylecote and F.Visintin, 'A New Taxonomy of National Systems of Corporate Governance', in L.Mjøset, T.Clausen (eds.) Capitalisms Compared, Amsterdam: Elsevier JAI, 2007, pp.71-122.
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  • Abhishek Nirjar and Andrew Tylecote (2005), "Breaking out of lock-in: ways up the value ladder for Indian software SMEs", Information Resource Management Journal 18 (4), October-December 2005, 40-59.
  • Andrew Tylecote "Chinese running out of cheating time", Guardian, May 23rd, 2005, p.25.
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