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2011.06.02 - Sino-Japanese Network launched with Workshop at Leeds

posted 17 Oct 2011, 04:43 by Jenni Rauch   [ updated 30 Sep 2014, 07:08 by Admins ‎(Halima Chen)‎ ]
The first workshop of the Sino-Japanese Relations Postgraduate Network was held on 2 and 3 June 2011. Organised by Professor Caroline Rose, together with WREAC students Ed Griffith (Leeds) and Sylvie Ladosz (Sheffield), the workshop was attended by postgraduate students working on aspects of Sino-Japanese relations, based in the UK and Europe. The students presented on their respective work in progress. There was a good balance of students at various points of their studies, from people just starting to those who had recently submitted.
The methodology sessions, which included a presentation on ethics from WREAC student Caroline Fielder who is external to the Network, were particularly useful to engender discussions about the merits/demerits of particular approaches and frameworks as evidenced by feedback received:
Personally, the most interesting aspect of this workshop was to see how various methodologies being applied on the studies of Sino-Japanese relations. I got good advice on using archives [.…] and also [….] on on several content analysis software packages that support both Chinese and English. 
Hugo Yu, Birmingham

I think that we will all benefit immensely from participating in the network. We do not just approach different issues related to Sino-Japanese relations but we also do it in different ways. This plurality in methodological knowledge will certainly be useful as we continue to discuss our research.

Karl Gustafsson, University of Stockholm

The network will now be taken forward thought the establishment of a dedicated website and a second workshop in June 2012. Funding is being sought to allow participation by research students from further afield who are working on Sino-Japanese relations.