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2011.05.26 - Sino-Japanese Workshop to Launch New Network

posted 26 May 2011, 03:33 by Web Admins ‎(Ben Caesar)‎   [ updated 30 Sep 2014, 07:53 by Admins ‎(Halima Chen)‎ ]
Thanks to a kind donation from a generous Leeds Alumnus, East Asian Studies at Leeds and the White Rose East Asia Centre are launching a postgraduate research network for research students across Europe who work on Sino-Japanese relations with a workshop which will be at the University of Leeds on 2 and 3 June 2011.

Professor Caroline Rose, WREAC executive director and professor of Japanese Studies at Leeds, whose initiative the network is, said 'I am delighted to have this opportunity to bring together young scholars working on Sino-Japanese relations. The workshop will be a springboard for future activities, and I very much hope that the network will grow rapidly to include students of China-Japan relations in the United States and East Asia.'

The network will provide an opportunity for members, who may work on any aspect of Sino-Japanese relations, to exchange ideas, pool expertise, share information as well as further develop their research skills. China-Japan relations is a rapidly growing area of interest in the UK and EU, but students in this field can be isolated and rarely have the opportunity to meet and discuss their research with other like-minded students and academics.

In addition to the workshop, Dr Rose, together with WREAC Students Ed Griffith (Leeds) and Sylvie Ladosz (Sheffield) are developing a website to support the network, and to provide space for continuing discussion on relevant topics and specific questions about and arising from students’ research. The website will be launched in summer 2011.

The network will also enhance the research of the wider East Asian Studies community at Leeds and within WREAC in the area of Sino-Japanese Relations through the central role that they will play within the network as well as through regular contact with a vibrant group of young researchers working on this important area. The initiative will also act as a support network, enabling UK and EU-based postgraduate students to start building up contacts in China and Japan and facilitate their preparation for field work in both countries.