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2011.05.23 - New Appointment for WREAC Research Associate

posted 23 May 2011, 09:11 by Web Admins ‎(Ben Caesar)‎   [ updated 30 Sep 2014, 07:54 by Admins ‎(Halima Chen)‎ ]
Dr. Michael Griffiths joins Ogilvy & Mather Greater China's Discovery team in Shanghai.

WREAC Research Associate, Dr. Michael Griffiths, who recently completed his PhD at the University of Leeds, joined Ogilvy & Mather China as Director of Ethnography in their Greater China's consumer insights and trends unit Discovery, which focuses on interpreting China's social and cultural dynamics with the aim of creating more effective, culturally relevant and creative work for clients.

In the newly created role based in Shanghai, Michael will be responsible for leading ethnographic and qualitative research projects and creating connections with the academic community in China and internationally, his initial efforts will focus on several studies spanning a broad spectrum of topics – from the environmentally sustainable practices of consumption, to an analysis of the Chinese domestic car industry and Chinese consumers' savings and investment behaviours.

Michael said, "Working at Ogilvy represents a fantastic opportunity to put my knowledge, skills and experience to work in the business world. As well as leading research projects, I hope to contribute inspiring perspectives on cultural analysis across the agency, and to work closely with Ogilvy's business leaders and clients to facilitate strategic consumer insights and advance our thought leadership."

Professor Flemming Christiansen, former director of the National Institute of Chinese Studies, who supervised Dr Griffiths said, "I am delighted that Mike has found such an excellent position based on his research, his regional knowledge and his language skills. It is in my view an outstanding example of the value of basic research asking fundamental questions and uncompromisingly using the Chinese language. Ogilvy have snapped up Mike because his skills are sorely needed to achieve real progress in a huge marketplace and economic environment still poorly understood by non-Chinese businesses. I am sure Mike has a huge job at hand, and knowing him, I am sure he will make a difference, busting some of the unproductive urban myths still lurking in people's imaginings about China."