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2009.12.11 - China - The 'Global Factory'?

Prof Buckley (r) and Prof Burnett (2nd r) at China-The Global Factory? event

Reaping the rewards of Chinese investment

Professor Peter Buckley, co-director of WREAC's Business, Political Economy and Development research cluster was keynote speaker at a Sheffield event for the business community discussing the 'Global Factory'.

The event, chaired by Professor Keith Burnett, vice-chancellor of the University of Sheffield and former chairman of WREAC’s International Advisory Board was held in association with WREAC and the Confucius Institute at the University of Sheffield on Wednesday 25 November 2009.

Professor Buckley's presentation introduced the idea of the 'global factory' which he developed after studying the Pearl River Delta in Southern China for over 20 years. He suggested how all business sectors could reap rewards from investing in China, whether companies have existing experience in China or not.

The presentation is available for viewing/download [PDF file].