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2012.05.10 - Call for Papers: Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

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Symposium on the Supervision of Research Students (SSRS) in Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL*)

Invitation to Submit Papers

Details of Symposium

Date: 25-27 August, 2012
Location: University of Leeds, UK
Contact: Zheng Limei (Ms) and Wang Juan (Ms)
Contact Email:   
Call Deadline: 30 May, 2012

Context and Objectives:

The rapid development of China has led to the learning and teaching of Chinese as a second language becoming increasingly important in schools, colleges and universities around the world. Much research has been done on TCSL, particularly on how to teach Chinese at elementary and intermediate levels. The Symposium on the Supervision of Research Students in TCSL will address the higher level of training, mainly MA and especially PhD supervision.

The symposium aims to give research supervisors a platform to share, discuss and develop best theories and practice in TCSL at MA and PhD level, so as to improve the quality of supervision for research students. It will facilitate the exchange of supervision experience, provide a forum for discussion of the design and provision of courses for MA and PhD students of TCSL, coordinate subject projects, and promote the development of Chinese linguistics and the quality of learning and teaching Chinese as a second language.

A network of supervisors in TCSL will be established through the symposium. Through future meetings this network will help to promote and coordinate research supervision in the field of TCSL across the institutes involved. The symposium will identify a list of key projects and issues in the field of TCSL at MA and PhD level. The facilitated coordination and cooperation will help to minimize repetitive research, and to make best use of the strengths and resources of each participating institution so as to aid the systematic and comprehensive development of the field.
The network of supervisors will be extended to include TCSL research students, of whom an association will be established. After the present symposium for supervisors, a symposium on the students’ study in TCSL could be held by the proposed students’ association to discuss their work and their supervisors’ supervision. 

The Symposium on the Supervision of Research Students in TCSL is jointly organized by the School of Modern Languages and Cultures, Leeds University; the School of East Asian Studies, Sheffield University; the School of Chinese Language and Literature, Wuhan University; and the International Institute, Nanjing University; with the support of the Consulate of PRC in Manchester, UK.

Themes and Topics

The following is an indicative list of topics and themes on which we would welcome papers to be delivered at the symposium:
  • Critical review of the current world-wide situation with respect to supervision of research students in teaching Chinese as a second language.
  • Examination of individual experience and lessons in supervision of research students in teaching Chinese as a second language (case study).
  • Critical appraisal of the current field of Chinese linguistics and the theory and practice of teaching Chinese as a second language and how this affects the supervision of research students.
  • Investigation into the relationship between general linguistics (plus applied linguistics) and Chinese linguistics.
  • Theoretical exploration and/or empirical study of specific issues of Chinese language and its teaching as a second language and how these should inform teaching and supervision of TCSL research students.
  • Comparative study of Chinese versus other languages so as to investigate the impact of learners’ native language on Chinese acquisition.
  • Theoretical and practical study of teaching high-level language and culture courses related to L2 Chinese, such as traditional Chinese, literature, documents and stylistics, with a view to how these can inform teaching and supervision of TCSL research students.
  • Suggestions for intercollegiate and inter-subject supervision of research students.

Submission of abstracts:

The working languages are English and Chinese. Presentation will last 20 minutes followed by a 10-minute discussion. Participants intending to give a paper are requested to e-mail an abstract of approx. 400 words in English or 800 characters in Chinese to Ms Zheng Limei at and/or Ms Wang Juan at Please attach or include a completed form with abstract submissions

The deadline for submission of abstracts is 30 May, 2012. Notification of acceptance will be sent by 15 June, 2012.

Registration and Fees:

The symposium is mainly supported by WREAC funding. Board and lodging will be arranged and paid for by the symposium for those who have papers accepted. The conference fee of £100 will cover registration, proceedings and excursions.

Symposium Organizing Committee:

Dr Lan Yang, University of Leeds, UK
Dr Lili Chen, University of Sheffield, UK
Professor Shiju Zhao, University of Wuhan, PRC
Professor Cheng Aimin, University of Nanjing, PRC
Dr Hengsheng Fu, Manchester Chinese Consulate

* In terminology, TCSL can be expressed as TCSOL (Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) in this context.