Simultaneously Developing a Leading Edge Industrial City with Equal Emphasis on Arts & Culture – The Challenges Faced by Kawasaki, Japan

Mayor Takao Abe, Mayor of Kawasaki, Japan

10.Nov.2010 16.30 - 18.00
Tapestry Room, Firth Court - Sheffield
In celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Friendship City relationship between Kawasaki and Sheffield, Kawasaki City would like to invite students and academics in Japanese studies to learn more about Sheffield’s Friendship City in Japan and its appeals.

Kawasaki developed as one of the key industrial cities in Japan and instead of concentrating solely on research and development facilities, the city is currently working on an image change. Focusing on arts and culture, Kawasaki is diversifying into a “City of Music”, “City of Films”, and “City of Sports”. The lecture will speak about the financial reforms introduced by the Mayor of Kawasaki that will help achieve this goal and the efforts behind it.

All are welcome to attend!