Lecture on Calligraphy  and Modern Art by Ebihara Rogen, Japanese Calligraphy Artist

When:  Tuesday 9 October 2012
Lecture and Question session 4-5pm. Performance 5pm - 5.15pm - 6.30pm. Reception

Where:  Firth Hall, Firth Court, Sheffield, S10 2TN

Event type:  WREAC Lecture
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Part of the celebration of Fifty Years of Japanese Studies at The University of Sheffield

Ebihara Rogen, Japanese Calligraphy artist will be giving a lecture on Calligraphy and Modern Art.

There is not a fee and there is no need to reserve a place and all are welcome to attend!


4-5pm    Seminar and question session.
5-15pm   Performance.
5.15pm   6.30pm Drinks reception.

Ebihara organised "Tsuyu-No-Kai" (Association of Dew) based on the concept of Creation and Destruction. He calls himself "Sumi-Artist". He's been trying to open the closed wall of the traditional Calligraphic world of Japan. He dares to reproduce and reach the unfailing possibility of the Art of his own Calligraphic World.

Ebihara's Artwork: With a stroke of his brush, Ebihara instantly captures the hidden beauty of vibration and resonance within the letters, then he transfers them into the blotted beauty on paper. His unique and abstract works invite us to a different dimension.

MEDIUM; Sumi Ink Art. Ebihara use the rarest ink block from China. This ink can be several hundred years old, such as that of Kanryu-Teiboku from Shin period.

Alternatively he uses the oldest Japanese ink block . He keeps blending this valuable Chinese Ink with other rubbed inks to achieve the right hue for each of his various themes. Colors extend over thousands of variations from the lightest of pale blue to the deepest black from Japan. Color changes are delicately effected by the quality of the blushes, the texture of the paper and the weather and humidity.