Re-presenting the past: Japan, China and World War Two in the 21st century

07.Jul.2010 - 08.Jul.2010 
St George Room, University House - Leeds
The aim of this project is to shed new light on the ways in which memories of the war continue to be re-constructed, re-presented, contested and shared in the 21st century in China and Japan (and between China and Japan) through analysis of four types of activities: visual representation of the war through films and documentaries; representation and remembering of the war through (new and refurbished) museums, memorials and commemorative practices; local histories and grass-roots activism; and textual representation (for example, in school history books, manga etc).

Attendance is by invitation only.  For more information, please contact Dr Caroline Rose

The workshop is supported by:

British Association for Japanese Studies

The Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation

The White Rose East Asia Centre