The managerial challenges of doing business in China

Professor Jonathan Storey, INSEAD

When:  23 March 2011 17:00
Where:  Room 3.06, Baines Wing, University of Leeds
Event type:  NICS Lecture


In this talk, I'll open with an overall sketch of China, and then elaborate on the managerial issues confronting corporate investors there. The main theme is that the key for managers to understand is the dynamics of operating in a high growth and complex business system itself in transformation


Jonathan Story holds the Marusi Chair of Global Business at The Lally School of Management, Rensselaer Institute and is Emeritus Professor of International Political Economy at INSEAD. Prior to joining INSEAD in 1974, he worked in Brussels and Washington, where he obtained his PhD from Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

His latest book is "China UnCovered: What you need to know to do business in China", (FT/ Pearson's, 2010) ( His previous books include "China: The Race to Market" (FT/Pearsons, 2003) , "The Frontiers of Fortune", (Pitman's, 1999),; and "The Political Economy of Financial Integration in Europe : The Battle of the Systems",(MIT Press, 1998) on monetary union and financial markets in the EU, and co-authored with Ingo Walter of NYU.

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