Research Workshop: 'China - Africa Development Relations'

27.Feb.2009 09.00 - 17.45
University House - Leeds
A number of expert scholars will be speaking at the event that aims to further advance our understanding of China and Africa's emerging ‘development relations', with particular attention made to how different development capacity objectives are orienting economic diplomacy interactions between both sides. The workshop's discussions will therefore look into how China and Africa are entering into various development capacity ‘bargains' that may be broadly understood in economic security terms. These include issues of supply security (e.g. China's import of energy and natural resources to maintain the pace of its industrial development; Africa's securing of new inflows of capital and technology), market access security (e.g. China as a market of growing significance for Africa), and finance-credit security (e.g. China as an aid and finance partner to Africa). We will also consider what potential risks and problems arise from China's closer relations with Africa in economic, social, environmental and geopolitical terms. An edited book will be published based on the presented papers.

Attendance at this event is by invitation only.  For more information, please contact Dr Christopher Dent  (  or 0113 343 6470)