Ideological Reform, Nationalism, Culturalism: Strategies to Legitimize Chinese Party Rule

Dr Heike Holbig, German Institute of Global Area Studies

  17.Feb.2010 17.00 - 18.30
  SEAS, Seminar Room A06 - Sheffield


Heike Holbig is a Senior Research Fellow at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies in Hamburg. Her research centers on political legitimacy, ideological change, and the political economy of contemporary China. Recent publications include "The Debate on Party Legitimacy in China: a mixed quantitative/qualitative analysis", Journal of Contemporary China, March 2009 (with Bruce Gilley), "Ideological Reform and Political Legitimacy in China: Challenges in the Post-Jiang Era", (in Heberer/ Schubert (eds.), Regime Legitimacy in Contemporary China. Institutional change and stability, 2009), and "The Emergence of the Campaign to Open Up the West: Ideological Formation, Central Decision Making and the Role of the Provinces” (in Goodman (ed.), China's Campaign to Open Up the West, 2004).