Documentary Festival and Taiwan Study Day

14.Nov.2009 09.00 - 17.30
Seminar Room 1.08, Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds, Leeds.

The White Rose East Asia Centre, University of Leeds, is proud to launch its Documentary Festival: Taiwan Study Day, to take place on 14 November 2009 (Saturday), 09:00-17:30, in Seminar Room 1.08, Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds.

Entry point for studying Taiwan

Taiwan is an important part of the Greater China region. If one wishes to understand and to engage with China more fully, one must not ignore Taiwan. Documentary film is one of the highly effective and unique methods to approach the study of Taiwan. The three documentaries (all with English sub-titles) chosen for the Festival cover issues concerning Taiwan’s politics, history, identities, cultures and society. They stimulate consideration of new perspectives on these issues in an engaging and entertaining way. Hence the event will provide the general public and students alike who have little or no background in Taiwan Studies with an excellent entry point to the subject.

Post-screening Q&As and panel discussions will offer greater depth and context to the Study Day and help the participants to further understand Taiwan.

All are welcome (this event is open to the Public)


09:00–09:30 Arrival and Tea/Coffee
09:30–09:40 Welcome speech by Dr Jieyu Liu, WREAC Academic Fellow
09:40–10:00 Brief introduction to the study subject, Taiwan, and the documentaries chosen by the event organizers:  Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley
10:00–11:30 Documentary screening: Grandma’s Hairpin (Yin zhanzi, 85 min, 2000, dir: Xiao Juzhen)
11:30–12:00 Post-screening discussion (15 min) and Q&A (15 min), ‘Cross Strait Relations’

Speaker: Professor Gary Rawnsley, University of Leeds

12:00–13:30 Lunch (it will be possible to obtain a reasonably priced lunch at the University Refectory)
13:30–14:20 Documentary screening: Coffee in Taiwan: Past and Present (Taiwan kafei de qianshi jinsheng, 48 min, 2007, dir: Guo Zhirong)
14:20–14:50 Post-screening discussion (15 min) and Q&A (15 min): ‘Japanese Connection’

Speaker: Dr Jeremy Taylor, University of Sheffield

14:50–15:10 Tea/Coffee break
15:10–16:15 Documentary screening: Bohemians in Taipei: The Life of Theatre (Taibei boximiya, 55 min, 2004, dir: Hong Hong)
16:15–16:30 Post-screening discussion/Q&A (15 min): ‘Culture and Society’

Speaker: Dr Ruru Li, University of Leeds

16:30–17:30 Panel discussion and Q&A (Chaired by Dr Jieyu Liu and Dr Ming-Yeh Rawnsley):

Professor Lucia Nagib (World Cinemas, Leeds), Dr David Lee (ICS, Leeds), Dr Felicia Chan (Cosmopolitanism, Manchester) & Mr Gary Needham (Film Studies, Nottingham Trent)

17:30 Concluding remarks: Professor Delia Davin